It's Only a White Line

Houston TranStar’s It’s Only a White Line calls attention to the life-threatening chances drivers take every day when they step outside their vehicle on a freeway.

With only a thin white line of paint separating motorists from fast-moving traffic, educating people about the danger of leaving their cars and how to get help after experiencing car trouble saves lives.

With more than five million vehicles in its service area, TranStar has a strong commitment to motorist safety. It’s Only a White Line was established to prevent deaths of stranded motorists and pedestrians from secondary crashes within TranStar’s multi-county region.

Following a vehicle breakdown or fender bender, if your car or truck can be moved safely off the freeway, Texas law requires you drive to the nearest exit. If stranded, remain inside with your seatbelt buckled, move seats back as far as possible, and turn on the flashing hazard lights. TranStar’s free mobile app also makes it easy to call for a no cost Tow and Go™ service to get off the freeway quickly